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Mar 07

Hungry? Food on Chevron

There is a buzz around that Chevron is the place to meet for lunch and dinner. Driving through at any time of the day there is always activity at the restaurants and cafes. Early mornings right down Thomas Drive, every table is often full. The new Pigs n Pints is bringing a new element to lunch through to afternoon drinks and its great to see people sitting around enjoying the end of the day. If you want to experience a 2 hatted chef’s food…Samphire Bites is right next door to Pigs n pints!

The Thai restaurants continue to be a big hit both for lunch and dinner, who can resist the ten dollar lunch?

One of the best kept secrets of Chevron Island is The Sushi café in Cosmo Arcade which is developing a very strong clientele because of its fresh and very reasonable Japanese food. Café Alfons has great food and coffee…..walk on down the street and you will find Aloha Secret garden café formerly The Secret garden which continues to be a favourite with diners sitting out in the covered courtyard. Duo Deli and Lime further down the street also have a great following amongst the breakfast and lunchtime crowd.

 Come on over, arrange to meet your friends on the Island for lunch or dinner this week.




Do we mention the Loft being open for 20 ? and its Saturday night music.? It gets a lot of the muso crowd …not sure? Only mentioned by name the secret garden and pigs because they are new. Think we need to mention them all because people need to be reminded all the time re any business – my opinion.